I'm getting older by the minute. As a graduate in History (B.A Hons), and then in IT (M.Sc), I end up with a hobby which combines the hi-tech digital today with the living past. Lucky me.

I was born on the Wirral, UK back in the sixties, studied in Leicester and Portsmouth, and have since then worked in IT in the UK, Belgium, Italy, Germany, France and now Luxembourg.

Thanks for becoming one of the many visitors to my site. The average is about 250 visitors from around the world per month, which for a small but perfectly formed internet site ain't bad considering the specificity of the subject matter.

I am an amateur photographer with something to shoot at. An average day on a Living History event will result in at least 500 images of who ever braved the elements, put on the uniform or costume and then get in my way long enough to have their picture taken. I always try to be discreet with what I do when I am doing it, but given the fact that I am bigger than most of you, this is never easy.

I am today, happy and honoured to announce that I have become member 220 of the Guild of Battlefield Guides (GBG). The logo will link you to their site, and give you more than just an idea of what the Guild is about. The professionalism of badged Guild members is second to none. To be a member of such an organisation is an honour and privilege.

I enjoy myself, and I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures of you enjoying yourselves. If you think I can do justice to one of your events, don't hesitate to let me know in advance that you are organizing. If you want something 'big' then please give me every chance to help, by getting in touch with the organizers so that my presence can be officialised, as has been the case for lots of the events on this site.

Don't hesitate to get in touch via email anytime. My email address is all over the site, just click when you see it, and send me a mail.

Maybe see you in a (muddy) field sometime soon.

About Me

Name: Phil Thomason


        GBG Member 220

I am a proud member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides.


The site was started in 2005. This version of the site was rebuilt on 3rd March 2007.

If you want to know how it was built? It was built at home, but for the ‘how’ just ask Apple.

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