The Maginot Line
Copyright © Phil Thomason May 2007
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Click the image above to see the gallery
I spent a day near Thionville. This is border country, within a few kilometres I can visit Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and this time France.
It turned out to be a sunny day, but a day of paradigms, a day of questions.
There I was indulging my self visiting a military museum, a battlefield, and a beautiful piece of country. There I was, surrounded by these images of peace, the wilds of nature, while at the same time being fronted by memories of war, of insanity, of military mistakes, and then, in the background the silent energy that is our nuclear present. The Maginot Line north of Thionville is backed by Cattenom powerstation, and fronted by those huge white distant windmills.
Hackenberg deserves a visit.