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    The primary reason for Napoleon Bonaparte to marry Marie-Louise was to provide a son and heir to the Emperor. 

    In this red pelisse the symbolism has a very powerful meaning. The use of the cornucopia (corne d’abondance) is a traditional symbol of plenty and of fertility.   As part of the marriage process and the change in status of Marie-Louise from an Austrian Princess to a French Empress it was decided that all her clothes would be French. 

    The red pelisse that she wore in Compiegne symbolises a demonstration of the expectation that she will be fertile.  This theme is continued on her bed chamber in Compiegne, where their marriage was consummated, as well in the decorations for their marriage and the walls of her bedroom in Versailles.  It is pleasing to know that Marie-Louise did not disappoint anyone and she gave birth to a son the following year. The Emperor’s bed in Compiegne is also decorated with the proud symbol of fertility.


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